Our Process

Typically, our clients fall into one of two buckets:

those who are completely new to wealth planning
those who only need investment management

Whether you’re new or experienced, when you work with Connect Wealth, we want you to feel that not only are you getting sound advice, but that we’re also working in your best interest—not ours. We strive to be proactive and transparent, simplifying the process and building trust along the way.

01. Complete Wealth Planning

In our experience, most clients are new to Wealth Planning . Perhaps that describes you. Maybe you haven’t sought the help of an advisor before, because you feared you were in a “bad place.” It could be you had your “head in the sand” or were simply too overwhelmed by the prospect of wealth planning. We get it. We can help.

Our skilled advisors are here to guide you towards long-term prosperity tailored to your dreams and needs. We can help with investments, retirement planning, risk management, business solutions, tax planning, trust services and more. We call this complete wealth planning. As we uncover what your wealth means to you, we’ll build a plan that helps connect your wealth to your life goals. Think of us as your partner helping you pursue and achieve your financial goals, offering personalized advice and innovative solutions every step of the way.

02. Just Investment Management

From time to time, we encounter individuals who are solely interested in investment management. Perhaps this is you. You bring a wealth of experience as a client of several wealth management firms. Already equipped with a finely-tuned complete wealth plan, you’re on a mission to turn your financial dreams into reality… and we are here to help you.

We know that not everyone is looking for a comprehensive wealth plan, but instead simply want assistance with their investments. Our experienced advisors specialize in tailored investment management services, catering to individuals seeking professional guidance in growing their accounts. With a focus purely on investment management, we provide personalized strategies aligned with your financial goals and risk tolerance.